Marine For Life

... is an extension of a tenet of the Marine ethos – “Once a Marine, Always a Marine”. M4L is a continuation of our strategic engagement with Marines and their families across the continuum of the Marine For Lifecycle - commencing with their transformational entry into our Corps, symbolized in their earning the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, through their transition to a Veteran Marine status and the return of these quality citizens back to their communities.

M4L seeks to provide a resource of connectivity, linkages both to the Marine Corps and to the employment, education, career/technical, and entrepreneurial opportunities that await Veteran Marines in transition. M4L, as a supporting element of that transition process, continues the development of networks of resource information, access, and knowledge to enable and assist Marines in their lifelong pursuits and goals.

The integration of M4L in the improved Transition Readiness Program and its ongoing active extension of the Marine ethos and heritage of “taking care of each other – Keeping Faith” is embodied by the individual Reserve Marines who facilitate awareness, information, and assistance for those fellow Marines who transition to a different “uniform” and different “phase” of being a Marine For Life. Admired and emulated, Marine For Life is every greeting, every “Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful” spoken, every acknowledgment between those who call themselves Marine - it is a future born in every Marine who has and will earn the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor - it is who Marines are and will be – a Marine For Life!

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