About Us

Marine For Life is a Marine Corps organization that provides nationwide assistance to Marines who are returning to civilian life, Marine reservists and all Marine veterans throughout their lives. Marine For Life also assists Sailors who have served with Marine Corps units.

Marine For Life began in 2002 at the direction of then-Marine Corps Commandant Gen. James Jones.

The organization enables Marines who move on to civilian life, after serving honorably, to stay a part of the Marine Corps family and brotherhood.

The goal of Marine For Life is to harness the skills, contacts and personal and professional networks of Marine Corps veterans and others in the community—to form a network to help Marines.

The Marine Corps believes in taking care of its own, and Marine For Life is an expression of the Marine Corps ethos, "Once a Marine, always a Marine."

Gen. Jones said, "For those who have served honorably, our debt of gratitude must extend well beyond their last day of service."

Marine For Life's headquarters is located at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia. About 100 Marine For Life representatives, who are Marine Corps reservists, work in cities and towns throughout the United States including in metropolitan areas, such as Boston, Denver, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and other cities.
An Official Program of the United States Marine Corps